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Betty MacDonald in Hollywood and twilight of the chancellor


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Betty MacDonald's sister Alison Bard Burnett

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Betty MacDonald's mother Sydney with grandchild Alison Beck
Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle author Betty MacDonald on Vashon Island
<p>Time Out of Mind (1947) - avec Betty et Don MacDonald et Phyllis Calvert</p>

Betty and Don MacDonald in Hollywood

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we are very curious to learn more about Betty MacDonald's experiences in Hollywood especially Eartha  is dreaming of Hollywood very often.

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel does a great job. 

Thanks a Million!

Eartha can imagine very well to be a Hollywood movie star.

Who are Betty MacDonald's favourite actors?

By the way Maximilian Schell's Marlene Dietrich documentary should have won the Oscar.

It's a masterpiece.

Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter September  includes the updated Betty MacDonald fan club essays ' Betty MacDonald in Hollywood' and  ' Betty MacDonald and Dorita Hess '. 

There is also an article about Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection.

We got very important info regarding the original 'The Egg and I' and the way Betty MacDonald described her first husband Robert Eugene Heskett and their neighbours.

Many Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world are so delighted that their beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli is back. 

They enjoy the new very funny and exciting Mr. Tigerli adventure very much.

Thanks a million dearest Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli for sharing the new golden Mr. Tigerli treasure! 

We adore you so much!

Betty MacDonald fan club fans who are devoted Mr. Tigerli fans won't have any difficulties to answer the new Betty MacDonald fan club contest question.

If you can answer this question you might be our winner of new Betty MacDonald fan club Mr. Tigerli contest.

Maybe Mr. Tigerli is going to take part at the next ESC and is singing a duet with a very beautiful lady. 

Who is the very beautiful lady?

New Deadline: September 30, 2016

That's my favourite quote by Betty MacDonald. 
I am neither Christian enough nor charitable enough to like anybody just because he is alive and breathing. I want people to interest or amuse me. I want them fascinating and witty or so dul as to be different. I want them either intellectually stimulating or wonderfully corny; perfectly charming or hundred percent stinker. I like my chosen companions to be distinguishable from the undulating masses and I don't care how. - Betty MacDonald
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Thank you so much for sending your favourite Betty MacDonald quote.
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Betty MacDonald fan club letter research team got some very important letters by Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen and other family members.
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Don't miss fascinating Vita Magica program September - December 2016, please. 

Vita Magica was celebrating its 1st anniversary.   

Jamie-Lee with Ghost got over 8 million views and more than 68.000 people like the song.

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Rita Knobel Ulrich - Islam in Germany - a very interesting ZDF  ( 2nd German Television ) documentary with English subtitles 

Angela Merkel's party beaten by rightwing populists in German elections

Alternative für Deutschland on projected 21.8% with chancellor’s CDU on 19% in German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Angela Merkel has suffered a sobering defeat in regional elections in her constituency of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) coming third behind the Social Democrats (SPD) and the rightwing populists Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).
Projections late on Sunday night saw the centre-left SPD on 30.5%, the anti-immigration AfD on 20.9%, and the chancellor’s centre-right CDU suffering its all-time lowest result in the eastern state, on 19%. Earlier this year, the CDU had looked like the party most likely to be tasked with forming the next government in the state.
For the past 10 years, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been governed in a “grand coalition” between the SPD and CDU, mirroring the current power structure at federal level. But an increasingly divisive debate over the consequences of the German government’s strategy during the refugee crisis has spurred support for AfD – fronted in the state by Leif-Erik Holm, a radio presenter based in Berlin’s multicultural Prenzlauer Berg district – even though the state has been largely insulated from the refugee crisis.

Though the result will not have a direct impact on the workings of the German government, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern only has a population of 1.6 million, it has a symbolic value, with regional elections in Berlin on 18 September and a general election coming up next year. Merkel, in power since 2005, has yet to confirm whether she will run for a fourth term in 2017. While the Social Democrats emerged as the largest party on the night and the results for the Christian Democrats were particularly humiliating, leftwing parties in the state also suffered considerable losses. The Left party was projected to have won 13.2%, down from 18.4% five years ago, while the pro-environment Greens seemed set to win 4.9%, down from 8.7%. The far-right National Democratic party (NPD), which has been represented in the state parliament for the last 10 years, fell beneath the 5% threshold for the first time in a decade, on 3.1%.
AfD, by contrast, continued a remarkable streak of electoral victories at regional level. Three years after being founded on an anti-euro ticket in 2013, it is now represented in nine state parliaments. Its co-leader, Frauke Petry, described Sunday’s result as a blow to Angela Merkel. “Now it is our responsibility to make politics for the people. The people no longer trust the old establishment parties to do so,” Petry said.
On Sunday night, CDU candidate Lorenz Caffier said: “There was only one subject during the campaign, and that subject was the refugee policy. The refugee question was decisive.” The conservative politician ruled out a resignation and said he hoped his party would be able to continue to form the state’s coalition government.
Peter Tauber, the CDU’s general secretary, described the outcome as “a bitter result, a new experience”. “We are all responsible for this,” Tauber said. “It was noticeable that the refugee subject was very present. Of course many people are looking at Angela Merkel.”

The state election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern comes a year to the day after Merkel’s government accepted thousands of refugees stranded at Budapest train station – the consequences of which have been analysed across the German media in the past fortnight. In May, a pig’s head carrying an insulting message was left outside Merkel’s constituency office in the Baltic Sea town of Stralsund, where she has won a direct mandate since 1990.
AfD candidate Holm spoke of a proud result for a young party. “The icing on the cake is that we have left Merkel’s CDU behind us,” he said. “Maybe that is the beginning of the end of ­Merkel’s time as chancellor.”
Gero Neugebauer, a political scientist at Berlin’s Free University, sounded a similar warning for Merkel. “People will see this as the start of the ‘Kanzlerdämmerung’ [twilight of the chancellor],” he said. “If a lot of CDU members start seeing this defeat as Merkel’s fault, and members of parliament start seeing her as a danger for the party and their own jobs, the whole situation could escalate out of control.”
The northernmost of the five former East German states that joined with the West German federal republic in 1990, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has in the past been troubled by industrial decline and a dwindling population but last year registered the lowest unemployment rate and highest GDP since reunification.
An electoral map of Sunday’s election shows a state split between an SPD-voting west, where incomes are higher due to its proximity to affluent Hamburg, and the east, where many electoral districts went to the AfD.
In part due to its economic weakness and low population density, the region was assigned fewer refugees than all but two of Germany’s 16 other Länder; 23,080 asylum seekers were registered in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2015, roughly a quarter of those assigned to similarly sized Hesse. Only 3.7% of the state’s population is of non-German background, one of the lowest rates in the country.
In the past year, the state has registered no high-profile criminal incidents, such as terrorist attacks or rape, carried out by asylum seekers, and a decline in theft and violent crime. Police in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern recorded seven incidents of attempted arson at refugee shelters in 2015.
A shooting rampage in Munich and two attacks with an Islamist motive in regional towns in Bavaria in July have fostered a national debate about internal security. Caffier was one of the politicians behind a call for a ban on the full face veil in Germany last month.

Dawid Brueckner It´s a beautiful reconstruction. Thank you Linde .

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Bernd Kunze

Bernd Kunze we will be there, one year vita magica, congratulations Wolfgang Hampel and Rita Kocher.

Linde Lund Dearst Rita Kocher und Wolfgang Hampel Congratulations!!!! Happy Birthday Vita Magica and all the best for the future! All our love and best wishes from Linde, Astrid and Lund family
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Thomas Bödigheimer

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Rita Knobel Ulrich - Islam in Germany - a very interesting ZDF  ( 2nd German Television ) documentary with English subtitles.  

Ein lyrisches Portrait von Hilde Domin
Anne MacDonald Canham



Beijing Airpot

Mr. Tigerli in China
Copyright 2016 by Letizia Mancino translation by Mary Holmes All rights reserved  

Yes Betty, either or it seems he wanted to fly only with Singapore Airways.

Boeing or Airbus, it’s just the same isn’t it? Aren’t they both just fat birds with 500 passengers?

Yes, but Singapore Airlines has the most beautiful airhostesses: delicate, fine, graceful…  Mr. Tigerli had looked forward to the flight so much!

So the little man was disappointed?

You just can’t imagine how disappointed he was.
 But thank God one of the hostesses was a pretty Chinese girl. Mr. Tigerli purred loudly but she didn’t hear him because the purring of the Airbus 380 was even louder.

The poor cat!

You’ve said it Betty. Mr. Tigerli was in a very bad mood and asked me for a loud speaker.

I’m sure you can get one in 1st Class.

“”Russian Girl” had even heard you over the roar of the Niagara Falls” I said to Mr. Tigerli. “You are a very unfaithful cat. You wanted to get to know Asiatic girls. That’s how it is when one leaves one’s first love”.

And what did he say to that?

“Men are hunters” was his answer.

Yes, my dear cat, a mouse hunter. And what else did he say?

Not another word. He behaved as if he hadn’t heard me.

The Airbus is very loud.

I told him shortly “Don’t trouble yourself about “Chinese Girl”. There will be enough even prettier girls in China. Wait till we land in Guilin”.

Did he understand you?

Naturally Mr. Tigerli understood me immediately. Yes, sweetheart, don’t worry. They will find you something sweet to eat.

And he?

He was so happy.

No problem going through the immigration control?

Naturally!  Lots of problems. How could I explain to customs that the cat had come as a tourist to China to buy shoes?

Fur in exchange for shoes…

Don’t be so cynical Betty!

Cat meat in exchange for shoes?

I said to the officials. He isn’t a cat, he is Casanova.

He came through the pass control with no trouble!
photos and graphics betty family betty and friend
Is this Mr. Tigerli?

Betty MacDonald ART Photos of ICONS Amazing Ladies Pinter Betty MacDonald Quotes Famous Quotes by Betty MacDonald Quoteswave 1950s showing Betty MacDonald descending a staircase and other images  betty macdonald betty bard macdonald wurde 1908 in boulder colorado  photos and graphics betty family betty and friend photos and graphics betty family betty grandchild photo of Betty MacDonald and two children in 1950 costumes Click images for alternate views BETTY MacDONALD PHOTOGRAPH SIGNED DOCUMENT 281143 Betty MacDonald 39 s The Egg and I is published on October 3 1945 photos and graphics betty family betty and don on vashon MacDonald Betty I Biography 

Betty MacDonald

Take an illustrated day trip through Washington state’s largest city with artist Candace Rose Rardon.

Linda White yes,if my health allows.I have a few problems but is something I have always wanted to do,especially as I reread her books.

Linde Lund

Linde Lund Dear Linda I'll keep you posted.

Bella Dillon

Bella Dillon · Friends with Darsie Beck
I still read Mrs Piggle Wiggle books to this day. I love her farm on vashon.

Lila Taylor

Lila Taylor Good morning...Linde Lund

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